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SML headquarters in Redlham
We have moved!

SML inaugurates new headquarters

With the construction of its new headquarters now completed on a green field…

SML DoubleCoat
SML DoubleCoat - exciting enhancements for breathable products

From breathable protective clothing to roofing membranes, from tents to surgical coverings, the number of potential applications…

SML triplex lamination coating for aseptic packaging
SML branches out into lamination lines for aseptic packaging!

With the development of the new triplex extrusion lamination line for aseptic…

SML SmartCast stretch film line
Sigma announces purchase of SML stretch film line for Thailand

Sigma Stretch Film of Asia, has announced the purchase of the first of their new cast…

High output PP/EVOH barrier sheet line
SML presents the next level in barrier sheet lines

New extruder technology boosts output

The barrier sheet line installed in Thailand is one of the most efficient that SML has ever…

SML is so much more
SML PowerCast stretch film line
Cast film lines for stretch wrap film