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Separator film for lithium-ion batteries
Separator film for lithium-ion batteries: Quality claims and production methods

With the expansion of electromobility, the market for lithium-ion batteries is gaining rapidly in importance – and with it the demand for…

FlexPack extrusion coating and laminating line
Advanced FlexPack extrusion coating line new at SML's Technology Centre

From 3rd quarter 2023 onwards, a completely new production scale…

Energy-efficient extrusion
Energy-efficient extrusion: How can we lower energy costs?

Polymer extrusion is an energy-intensive process. In the last decades, many efforts have been directed towards improving the energy…

3P Gulf Manufacturer
3P Packaging Group further invests in premium stretch film lines

3P Gulf Packaging headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is one of the biggest stretch…

Austrofil Vertex spinning line
Higher output at lower titres: Austrofil® “VERTEX” spinning line for PP and PET yarns

With its focus on the lower titre range, SML’s new VERTEX-series is a perfect addition to SML’s top-selling Austrofil®…

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SML stretch film line
Cast film lines for stretch wrap film