SML EcoCompact II stretch wrap film line

2-meter stretch wrap film line EcoCompact II - fully revised and extended

The 2-meter EcoCompact® II features a number of technical innovations, packed in a fresh new design. Like its predecessor, it combines a compact line set-up with excellent components and maximum flexibility, while still maintaining an affordable price.


At K 2010 trade fair, SML introduced the EcoCompact®. A standardised 4 up (2,000 mm) wide stretch film line with premium components, an extremely compact design and a reasonable price that revolutionised the market. “The EcoCompact® was a hot seller right from the go. Now, 14 years later, it is time for a total refinement,” Thomas Rauscher, Product Manager at SML states.


Up to seven extruders, Nanolayer, and SML’s Ø 1,600 mm chill roll 
To cover almost every potential demand in production, the EcoCompact® II comes in four pre-configured versions, ranging from a minimum of four extruders to a maximum of seven extruders. Beside 5-layers and 7-layers versions, the line can be optionally fitted with Nanolayer-Technology. SML’s well-known Ø 1,600 mm chill roll unit and an e-container are now included as a standard.


High performance winders 
The winder is a key part of any stretch film line. In the EcoCompact® II, customers can choose from three different versions of SML’s powerful winder W4000: A 2-shaft version, the well-known 4-shaft type and, last but not least´, a double turret winder with a total of 8-shafts. “The advantage of the 8-shaft winder is the ability to use 2’’ winding cores for hand rolls. Generally, this type of winder is capable of running at very high speeds. This boosts the performance of the EcoCompact® II to the next level,” Thomas Rauscher says.


Ultra-fast and hands-free die lip control 
As a standard, the EcoCompact® II comes with a Cloeren Reflex die, the benchmark technology for ultra-fast and hands-free die lip control. It can be upgraded with an automatic die mapping system.


Also available are cut resistance rollers, coreless winding, modified edges and much more. “Thanks to the comprehensive technical possibilities of the 2-meter -EcoCompact® II, flexibility in stretch film production is guaranteed,” Thomas Rauscher from SML concludes with pride.


Redlham, 26.06.2024