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PP/PS/Barrier Thermoforming Sheet

The benchmark for perfect packaging.

Cups, lids, trays and blister packs are produced from sheet in large volume in a subsequent thermoforming process. With SML sheet lines, both thermoforming companies and sheet manufacturers have the optimum tool in hand to achieve high-quality results in the final packaging product.  We have built up a vast wealth of experience during many years in this area, and can offer inline or offline solutions to our customers.

Irresistibly high output.

Our high-speed extruders (HSE), with screw diameters of 75 mm or 90 mm, have been specially developed for these sheet lines and will take your production to new levels.

SML roll stacks are in a class of their own. With the Smart Parallel Gap (SPG) roll we have developed a particular highlight, guaranteeing perfect thickness tolerances with easy adjustments every time. Our high-performance roll stacks allow you to produce up to 3,000 kg/h per meter of sheet width.

Line Types

Top performance for ideal results.

High-performance class sheet lines


Our high-performance extrusion sheet lines never compromise on delivering the best sheet quality. They are designed for minimum energy consumption at maximum production capacity. These lines give our customers decisive advantages even in the toughest competitive environments, standing out from the pack.


Performance level
Polymerproduction performance (at 1 m sheet width)
PSup to 3,300 kg/h
PPup to 3,000 kg/h
Configuration examples
TSL-1 JumboTSL-2 Jumbo
Extruder1 x HSE753x HSE75
Plastification performancePS: 1,500 kg/hPS: 3,300 kg/h
PP: 1,350 kg/hPP: 2,700 kg/h
Sheet thickness range200 - 2,500 µm200 - 2,500 µm
Max. mechanical line speed70 m/min70 m/min
Winding diameter on 6-inch shaftsup to 2,000 mmup to 2,000 mm

Specific attributes

  • Monolayer and 3-layer coextrusion
  • Optional air knife for thin film integrated into the horizontal roll stack
  • Up to nine post-cooling rolls
  • Cutting unit and winder with up to four webs
  • Sheet widths up to 1,600 mm

Compact design to benefit your bottom line.

Economy class sheet lines


Our economy class sheet line, including a high-speed extruder (HSE), is especially well suited to all applications with limited numbers of layers and moderate output requirements. The system’s special attribute is its compact design and easy handling in daily operation.


TSL-Eco Jumbo
Extruder1 x HSE75
Plastification performancePS: 1,100 kg/h, PP: 900 kg/h
Sheet thickness range200 - 2,500 µm
Winding diameter on 6-inch shaftsup to 2,000 mm

The roll stack with vertical roll arrangement
makes it possible to set up the extruder right
on the shop floor, allowing the sheet extrusion line to be operated
without a problem – even in workspaces with low ceilings.


SML economy class sheet line

Specific attributes

  • Modular design
  • Main extruder, pump, die and electrical cabinets on one frame
  • Vertical roll stack, 1,200 mm roll width
  • One control panel on the roll stack

Our benchmark for top quality.

Barrier sheet lines


When the highest level of quality is demanded, we at SML are in our element. Barrier sheets are subject to particular quality requirements. These can only be met by systems combining components that are a perfect fit for one another, producing the results that are in greater demand than ever before in the food and packaging industry: lower weight, less material use and strong protection from outside factors.


Our engineers have a vast and varied wealth of knowledge at their disposal, enabling them to perfectly design multilayer barrier sheet lines dedicated to your specific demands and markets. And this knowledge will pay off for you too.

SML barrier sheet line

Unique performance outcomes for quality products

  • Up to 9 extruders creating sheet with up to 11 layers
  • A roll stack in a class of its own: up to 3,2 t/h
  • HO-LT extruder (High Output - Low Temperature) for maximum output at a low production temperature for heat sensitive materials such as EVOH
  • Efficient concepts for the direct re-use of edge trims and skeletons in intermediate layers


Efficiency in its purest form.

Inline extrusion sheet lines


If you wish to produce large volumes of cups or trays without the need for product changes, you will not want to miss out on our inline sheet extrusion lines. A direct connection between the extrusion line and a thermoformer is the most efficient way of producing these products in a continuous process. We work together closely with all the well-known thermoformer manufacturers. As a result, you will always be sure to receive the best possible all-round solution – especially for the sake of your productivity.



ExtruderHSE75HSE75, HSE90
PS: 700 kg/hPS: 1,100 kg/h
PP: 600 kg/hPP: 900 kg/h
HighOutput -
Roll stackSPG300/400/400 mmSPG300/490/490 mm

Sheet lines that are efficient to the core – the details do not lie


  • Highest transparency and rigidity for cups and trays
  • Most energy-efficient process
  • Efficient use of polymers thanks to direct skeleton recycling
  • Compact line design requiring less space
  • No winding, no roll handling, no need for warehouse space


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