Stretch film with ModifiedEdges

Stretch film with Modified Edges: a strong alternative

Mainly used for manual packaging, stretch film with ModifiedEdges (ME) and pre-stretch film (PS) may seem at first glance to be direct competitors. But ME is outperforming regular pre-stretch film in nearly all product characteristics – especially in terms of residual stretchability, puncture resistance and production costs. The main reason for this development is SML’s advanced winding technology.

“Stretch film with ModifiedEdges and pre-stretch film are niche products in the huge stretch film market. They may have similar application areas, but there are significant differences that result from the production methods,” says Thomas Rauscher, product manager for cast film & MDO at SML.

Straightforward inline production

While pre-stretched film is made in a second step offline, the whole manufacturing process involving stretch film with ModifiedEdges takes place inline, eliminating one of the steps in production. In addition, the method used for the manufacturing of stretch film with ModifiedEdges is significantly cheaper than that for pre-stretch film. That makes the production of ME much more cost-effective overall. All it takes to produce stretch film with ModifiedEdges on SML’s stretch film lines is an adaptation in the trim cutting area of the winder and a software upgrade in the machine’s control system.

Reinforced edges – a host of advantages for the end-user

Both stretch film with ModifiedEdges and pre-stretch film provide excellent load stability thanks to the string effect. But in all other product characteristics, ME comes out ahead of pre-stretch film. When using stretch film with ModifiedEdges, the edges are twice as thick as the main film (e.g. 8 mic film -> 16 mic edge). In regular use, these reinforced edges are practically unbreakable. While stretch film with ModifiedEdges can be stretched to the intended value, pre-stretch film has almost no elongation left. Furthermore, ME has much higher transparency than pre-stretch film. This makes barcodes under the film much easier to read, for instance. Generally, stretch film with ModifiedEdges is much easier for end users to handle, as the rolls are smaller in diameter and the film is nearly indestructible due to its reinforcement.


Redlham, 18.07.2019