SMLs Austrofil Spinning Line

SML expands its spinning range

Just before ITMA 2019, Barcelona SML is taking its spinning range to the next level. A new BCF Tricolor model with increased output capacity and brand new features will be launched by mid-2019 along with an enhanced entry-level line for Monocolor. And within the CF spinning line selection, SML has made its MT and HT series ready for PA6 and HDPE.


In the BCF segment, SML has finished the development of a new 11.5 t/day Tricolor concept, offering maximum of efficiency and flexibility in carpet production, including the usual range of colour combinations for BCF yarns. In comparison with SML’s existing Tricolor model, which has become an established fixture worldwide, the new line has 50 percent higher production capability at a better price-performance ratio. As well as its tricolour operation, the new design offers the useful option of operating the line either as a single large system or as three completely independent monocolour lines for smaller yarn batches. The use of the new spinpack generation shortens setup time by more than 60 percent while allowing higher filament counts.


Horizontal set-up with minimised footprint

A key advantage of SML’s BCF lines is their unique horizontal line design, which guarantees direct access to all key segments, making operation and maintenance easy and convenient while requiring only low ceiling heights. Equipped with the newest generation of low-width spinpacks and more compact stretching units, the new Tricolor line has a compact footprint comparable to lines with a vertical design.


New BCF line for small yarn batches

The next BCF spinning line from SML to be brought to market by June 2019 is a Monocolor BCF line with a capacity of 5 t/day. This new line combines SML’s high standards in product quality and precision with a moderate price level. SML’s new Monocolor BCF line is specially designed for first-time investors entering the carpet industry and established manufacturers working with small production batches. All the new BCF spinning lines are equipped with SML’s patented texturing system, which has a long track record of success. In interaction with optimal cooling conditions on the cooling drum, this system guarantees top levels of yarn crimp, which substantially reduces raw material costs in carpet fabrication.

Improved CF lines for PA6 MDY and FDY

In its CF segment, SML has refined its well-established spinning lines, most notably by increasing raw material flexibility. Based on the popular standard MT/HT4x2 lines for PP yarn production, the newly modified lines are now also available for PA6 MDY and FDY usage. These technical modifications broaden the variety of applications significantly, giving manufacturers the opportunity to branch out into new markets in a single step and at minimal additional cost.

Continuous filament from HDPE

On request, having implemented a minor upgrade, it is now possible to process HDPE multifilament yarn on certain SML lines. HDPE multifilament yarns provide impressive results with remarkable haptic and unique mechanical properties. They can be knitted to fabrics or braided to special types of rope – one application area growing in importance is the fishing net market.


Redlham, 03.06.2019