SML SmartCast stretch film line

Sigma Stretch Film announces continued investments in its production capabilities

2 state-of-the-art production lines have been purchased from SML for delivery into North America in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2023. One is to be installed in a new wing of Sigma’s Belleville, Ontario plant and the other will replace a legacy line in Tulsa Oklahoma. Both lines will significantly increase capacity at their respective locations. These investments follow on from similar ones for Sigma’s Riverside, California and Shelbyville, Kentucky plants and underline the group’s commitment to ensuring secure supplies for its customers.


The new North American lines will produce the latest generation, 9-layer films and have been configured for maximum flexibility so allowing rapid product changes to meet local demands.


The Sigma group also continues to invest outside the North American market. Sigma Plastics Asia in Thailand, established in 2019 marked the group’s expansion into the southeast Asia market. Following the success of this venture, the group has now moved into the European market with the formation of Sigma Stretch Film of Europe based in Poland.


The new European business builds on the recently acquired Marflex plant which already ran SML machines. Shortly after the acquisition, Sigma announced purchase of another stretch film line to boost site capacity. As with the two North American production lines, this is the latest generation, 9-layer machine from SML and is set to be delivered from Austria in quarter 3 of 2023.


Further capacity increases are planned for both Poland and Thailand with a new line for Poland anticipated for 1st quarter 2024.


Redlham, 01.02.2023