SML Technology Centre

Live broadcasts of trial runs

SML has implemented virtual communication technologies to communicate live with distant customers about test runs, trials or presentations that happen at its headquarters.

“We can broadcast trial runs on the pilot lines in our Technology Centre live to our customers. In-detail clarifications in reference to process technology can be carried out remotely and in real-time when carrying out tests. All of the relevant information – such as visual impressions, process information or direct feedback from the operator - can be exchanged in a straightforward manner and very comfortably,” Elias Mayrhofer, Team Leader Technology Centre, comments.


Multiple cameras installed at SML’s trial lines establish the hardware of this virtual communication system. The assessment of qualities and product properties as well as possible fine adjustments during the trial-run happen in real-time among all of the experts involved, whether they are located on-the site or in remote locations. The benefits of the application of virtual communication technologies to pilot runs are derived primarily from the increased efficiency, above all from savings in terms of time and materials.


One demonstration line from each of our product groups is available for demonstrations and test runs:



Redlham, 26.04.2021