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Grupo Ortiz boosts stretch film production with new lines from SML

Two new lines for premium stretch film are set up at Grupo Ortiz' new site in Morelia in Michoacán State in western Mexico. The machines from SML are a substantial part of a 9 million Euro (10 million USD) investment that will expand the company’s stretch film output by 54.000 tons per year.


Grupo Ortiz (GO) is one of the biggest players in Latin America's plastics industry, and it is heavily investing in its multifaceted plastics processing business. Currently, the company is setting up a 40,000 square meter (430,550 square feet) factory for the production of multiple plastic packaging products in the outskirts of Morelia. One of Grupo Ortiz's new lines for cast stretch film was already commissioned at the new site in 2021, the other that will go into operation by 2023.


Grupo Ortiz and SML have been partners for over 10 years and we trust in their state-of-the-art extrusion technology a hundred percent.


"We want to expand our shares in the stretch film markets by supplying high-quality film at a very favourable price", said Emmanuel Ortiz, CEO of Grupo Ortiz. "Grupo Ortiz and SML have been partners for over 10 years and we trust in their state-of-the art extrusion technology a hundred percent. It allows us to produce high-quality stretch film in a wide thickness range at very good costs." Grupo Ortiz delivers cast stretch film mainly to the domestic Mexican market but plans to expand its sales to South America and Asia.


About Grupo Ortiz:
Grupo Ortiz, formerly known as Grupo Industrial Ortiz, was founded in 1954 by Nicandro Ortiz Gaspar, the father of Emmanuel Ortiz. The family-owned group has approx. 4,600 employees at 13 production sites in Mexico and manufactures a wide range of highly sophisticated stretch film as well as raffia bags for all kinds of dry bulk goods, big bags, agro textiles and baler twine, among others. Most of GO’s customers are located in Mexico, but the company also supplies to Guatemala, Costa Rica and Colombia and intends to expand its activities to other parts of the Americas and to Asia. www.grupo-ortiz.com


Redlham, 27.04.2022

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