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Creating solutions together.

Our engineers and technicians relentlessly strive to craft the best solution for our customers. No matter the task or challenge you have in store for us, we will work together with you at the Redlham pilot plant to develop ideal solutions that go above and beyond the latest industry standards.

On 2,800sqm one demonstration line from each of our product groups is available for demonstrations and test runs. SML supports you to realise your ideas and test them sufficiently.


Line Types

Available demonstration line types:

Mono-material film and multi-layer structures

Cast film line with advanced MDO technology


With SML's multi-purpose cast film line access is given to a future-oriented technology to develop new packaging solutions with focus on mono-materiality, enhanced processability and easier recyclability of the produced film.

The integrated MDO unit enables the development of products with superior properties - especially in terms of printability, transparency and with regards to tear properties.

Technical data
Max. line speed 400 m/min
Max. final film width
cast process
Max. final film width
mono-oriented film
Number of extruders 5
Number of layers 7
SML cast film products


Possible processes

  • Cast film
  • Cast film with mono-orientation
  • Off-line mono-orientation

Expanding the limits of what is technically feasible

Multi-purpose sheet line for
thermoformed products


SML’s demonstration and development line for thermoforming sheet has a clear focus on processing PET, but can also be used for trials on PP and PS. With its wide thickness range from 150μm to 2mm, the line offers a maximum of flexibility for all kinds of R&D projects related to sheet extrusion.

Technical data
Max. line speed 70 m/min.
Max. final film width
(multiple webs possible)
Thickness range 150 - 2,000µm
Structures A/B/A, A/B
SML sheet products

Besides trials on standard products, the design of the line enables the production of specialities such as:


  • rigid PET sheet up to thicknesses of 2mm with excellent optical properties
  • physically foamed sheet of PET, PP and PS
  • laminates of PET/PE sheet

High-tech and versatile

FlexPack® coating and laminating line


SML's flexible extrusion coating and laminating line is dedicated to test specific raw materials, to further develop processes, to improve the properties of end products and to work on new, more eco-friendly applications.

Based on a variety of different technical features, SML’s FlexPack® pilot line can be used for a vast array of applications: from flexible packaging to breathable hygienic textiles and from industrial composites to construction industry applications.

Technical Data
Products Hygiene and technical
flexible packaging plus
plastic-paper-aluminium composites
Product width 800 - 1,650mm
Coating weight 7 - 50 g/sqm
(depending on product)
Max. line speed 450 m/min
SML coating and laminating products

Possible processes

  • Extrusion coating
  • Extrusion lamination
  • Hotmelt lamination
  • DoubleCoat

These substrates can be processed: paper, BOPP film, BOPET film, aluminium foil, laminates and nonwovens

Dedicated for high-tenacity yarns

Austrofil® HT 4x2E

SML's demonstration line of its top-selling Austrofil spinning line model is dedicated to test raw materials, to further develop product processes (PP, PA or PET) and to improve the properties of multifilaments.

The possibility of multifilament yarn production at production scale and to further process these threads to ropes, belts, knitts and fabrics for sampling is a further benefit to our customers.


Technical data
Polymer Polypropylene,
MFR 10 - 35
Titer range 165 - 4,400dtex
Output capacity 160 kg/h, 3.84 t/d
high-tenacity yarns by SML Austrofil spinning lines

Possible processes

  • High-tenacity FDY
  • Medium-tenacity MDY
  • in 1, 2 and 4 ends per winder

Small, compact, strong

MiniCast® stretch film line

SML’s MiniCast demonstration line is primarily installed as a service to its customers for trial runs in production scale. State-of-the art technology is provided to find solutions to future challenges relating circular economy and sustainability in stretch film production.

Flexibility in production is given through the applied stretch film winder W4000, which significantly contributes to the lines over-all performance.

Technical data
Products super power stretch, machine stretch, hand stretch, cling film
Film thickness range 8 - 50µm
Film final width 3 x 500mm
Film structure 3 or 5 layers
Production speed up to 650 m/min
SML stretch film products

The MiniCast demonstration line enables versatile research on

  • testing and improving of new formulations
  • processing of increased post-industrial / post-consumer recycled material content
  • silage film


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