SML next generation PET sheet line

Next generation PET sheet line

In June 2022, SML is going to install the first plant of its new sheet line generation in its Technology Centre. The new multifunctional line presents a completely new layout with a 25 % lower footprint compared to previous models.


Packed with high-end components, the sheet line will be able to produce sheets from up to 100 % post-consumer recycled material (PCR) in a general thickness range of 150 – 1, 200µm. The line is designed for an output of 1, 200 kg/h and for a net sheet width of 1,150mm.


SML’s new sheet line generation is equipped with a thermo-lamination unit to apply PE film onto a PET sheet. An N2 or CO2 gas injection unit for the core layer extruder is included. Therefore, and not least because of its potential to manufacture foamed products out of PET, PP or PS for common thermoforming applications, the new sheet line concept stands for maximum production flexibility and for a wide range of different products.


If you are interested to see the line in full operation at SML’s headquarters in Austria, or if you want to book sample or research production, please get in touch with us.


Redlham 13.06.2022