Unchallenged recycling capacities

SmartCast Infinity: Unchallenged recycling capacities in stretch film production

SML made a series of tests for producing cast stretch film containing an unmatched high percentage of post-industrial recycled materials on its SmartCast Infinity pilot line. The properties of this film are close to those made of virgin resin.

During the last months, SML developed and improved the usage of post-industrial recyclate to an optimum at its SmartCast Infinity stretch cast film line, located SML’s Technology Center.

"We have succeeded in producing film with an ultimate elongation value of 400% by using up to 80% post-industrial recycled materials. The film’s quality is totally in line with market requirements, the optical properties are excellent," says Thomas Rauscher, Product Manager for cast stretch film.  


Recycling of post-consumer stretch film
Stretch film, which was already used and collected after usage for re-pelletizing, has also been successfully processed in high quantities on SML’s SmartCast Infinity line. With high-quality recycled material of post-consumer stretch film, SML reaches re-feeding rates of up to 60%. However, in a sustainable circular economy, where cast stretch films are frequently recycled, a general recommendation is a ratio of 30% post consumer recycled material in combination with 70% virgin material.


Redlham, 07.09.2020