MOPE stand-up pouch

Mono-material packaging: Cast film line with advanced MDO technology ready for trials

SML installed a new pilot production line for manufacturing mono-material PP, PE and PET film in addition to multi-material structures.

In consideration of legal regulations for plastic packaging, the machinery located in SML’s Technology Centre allows comprehensive R&D activities focusing on mono-materiality, enhanced processability and the easier recyclability of the films produced.

New type of MDO unit
The line’s ability to manufacture different types of mono-material film is only one key advantage. The other significant feature of the new line is a completely revised MDO unit that includes different technological novelties, like a new roll arrangement. The integrated MDO unit opens the way to the development of products with superior properties, especially in terms of printability, transparency and with regards to tear properties.


Access to new technologies
“At SML we see our new cast film pilot line as a special service for our customers,” Alexander Bruckmüller, Product Manager Cast Film Extrusion, says. It is used first and foremost for trials with specific raw materials, for product development, for process optimization and the production of samples. “One central benefit of the pilot line for our customers is that they do have access to future-oriented technologies to develop the packaging solutions of tomorrow, either on their own or in close cooperation with SML”, Bruckmüller concludes.


Redlham, 19.10.2021