SML SmartCast stretch film line

Sigma announces purchase of SML stretch film line for Thailand

Sigma Stretch Film of Asia, has announced the purchase of the first of their new cast stretch film production lines for installation in Thailand. This joint venture between Sigma Plastics Group based in the US and King Pac Industrial in Thailand will leverage Sigma’s experience in the demanding US market and King Pac’s local manufacturing and distribution networks.

Sigma Plastics, the largest privately owned film extrusion group in North America with an output of over 2 billion pound of resin and employing over 4,500 people has a commanding position in the US markets and is now looking to expand its business activities in the growing Far East markets.

King Pac Industries with an output of 220 million pounds is the largest industrial bag manufacturer in Asia and is also looking to expand into the cast stretch film market.

The line, from Austrian machinery manufacturer SML, will be delivered to Thailand 4th quarter 2019 and go on-stream shortly thereafter. State-of-the-art technology from SML will allow Sigma Stretch of Asia to supply premium-quality stretch films into the South East Asian and Australasian markets.

This first line from SML will be installed in a new, custom-built facility of over 300,000sq ft and will produce approx. 45 million pounds of stretch film per year.


Lenzing, 22.01.2019