SML's PowerCast stretch film line

PowerCast completes SML's stretch film portfolio

PowerCast represents SML’s latest model for a 4m-wide (8-up) stretch film line. It offers high output and maximum flexibility for the production of 3-inch hand, machine and jumbo rolls on a top performance level. Furthermore, as is the case with all other SML cast stretch film concepts, it possesses a very compact design that cuts its footprint to a minimum and thus enables producers to optimise their production output per square metre.


The PowerCast 8-up rounds off SML’s broad range of stretch film lines comprising MiniCast® 3-up, EcoCompact® 4-up, SmartCast® 6-up and MasterCast® 12-up concepts. However, its use of a higher number of extruders is a major feature that sets it somewhat apart from the rest.


SML introduced the use of a higher number of extruder with its SmartCast® in 2013 and a PowerCast line incorporates no less than seven extruders, which facilitates the optimum adjustment of the raw material formulation to the required film properties through the minimised input of expensive, high-performance polymer material.


In addition, in order to meet the market’s requirement for a “simpler machine that is easy to operate and requires minimum maintenance”, SML has come up with an innovative concept for film cooling. The new chill roll unit only has one main roller with a 1,600mm diameter. This dimension provides a cooling capacity, as well as an extended contact area, which are more than adequate for the maximum extruded output. Moreover, as no secondary chill roll is needed, a pump, nip roller and guiding rollers have also been omitted, thus reducing both the cost of equipment and servicing.


Line power consumption has been significantly reduced by means of the employment of energy-efficient, high-speed and standard extruders in relatively small sizes in combination with heat-insulated adapters and edge trim recovery using a vertical scraptruder.


Last, but by no means least, flexibility with regard to film thickness, recipe changes and film width is clearly an absolute must for film manufacturers. Accordingly, the PowerCast winder W4000-4S meets this need in full and can easily handle 8 x 500mm, 9 x 450mm and 10 x 400mm films without additional trim waste.


WINDER W4000-4S features

  • For 3-inch hand, machine and jumbo rolls
  • Thi­n core technology
  • 4 shafts per turret; an index angle of 90°
  • Secondary contact roll
  • Cycle time of just 25 seconds
  • Ultimate short tail –> zero waste roll
  • Simultaneous automatic roll handling and core feeding