SML extra-wide CPP film line

SML introduces extra-wide CPP film line

With a maximum gross output of 2,300 kg/h, this CPP film line has clearly been designed for the economical production of large quantities. Apart from high output, the advantages of such a wide line include the low volume ratio of edge trim as compared to smaller lines and reduced labour costs as no additional personnel is required. Moreover, the kW/kg power consumption requirement is less.
Above all, in order to wind such high volumes of CPP film SML has developed a new turret winder, the W6000, which is especially suitable for film widths of between 3,500 and 6,000mm. The W6000 can turn out rolls in diameters of up to 1,300mm and a maximum roll weight of 7,000kg, which corresponds roughly to 60,000m length of 20 micron CPP film. The large winding diameter is a critical advantage for the metallising process, because it increases the run-time in the vacuum chamber of the metalliser considerably.

Lenzing, 04.05.2017