Ausgezeichnete Lehrabschlüsse: Starker Jahrgang bei SML

Excellent final examinations: Strong group of apprentices this year at SML

Almost all of the mechatronics apprentices at SML completed their final apprenticeship examination with distinction this year. The high level of commitment shown by the apprentices and the comprehensive support provided by SML contributed enormously to this success.


“We were extremely happy with the performance of the apprentices who graduated this year throughout their entire apprenticeship. The fruits of our joint labor are mirrored in the numerous excellent marks they procured in the final examination," Hermann Pekoll, apprentice trainer at SML, announces with pride.


SML is a global market and technology leader for extrusion lines for the manufacture of plastic films. Every year, SML take on six to eight young people at the company headquarters in Redlham in Upper Austria whom they then train as mechatronics apprentices. They are taught to become highly qualified professionals in the field of mechanics as well as in the areas of electronics and automation.


Mechatronics apprentices at SML learn how to read technical plans, how to manufacture machines for plastics processing and how to program these machines. They rotate through SML’s various departments, are actively involved in projects and learn ‘hands on’ about the latest technologies. The apprentices at SML are prepared for their final apprenticeship examination in various courses and, if they wish, they can also combine their professional training with studies for the Austrian high school diploma – “Lehre mit Matura”.


After their final examination, SML-trained mechatronics engineers literally have the world at their feet. After a few years of international practical experience as plant fitters, a wide variety of career opportunities are open to them at SML.


In September 2024, SML took on new mechatronics apprentices again. Young people with an enthusiasm for technology and good skills in mathematics, English and German can find out more about the opportunities an apprenticeship at SML offers them by calling +43 (0) 7673/90999-331. Appointments for practical work experience days (“trial apprenticeship”) can also be made anytime.


Redlham, 16.11.2023