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“At SML, we are believers in quality, innovation and efficiency, along with the sustainable success of our customers. That is why, every day, we create extraordinary high-tech extrusion solutions that provide a clear edge in terms of productivity.


To make that happen, we have to constantly push the frontiers of possibility, further develop our machines on an ongoing basis and support our customers all the way through the process.


For us, high performance does not end when a line is first put into operation, it accompanies our customers throughout the line’s life span. That is what we at SML are all about.”

Karl Stöger, CEO of SML

Company history.


SML is a privately owned, high-tech manufacturer of top quality extrusion lines, located at the gateway to Upper Austria’s scenic Salzkammergut region.


Originally SML was established in 1967 as a business unit of Austrian fibre manufacturer Lenzing AG. Since 1995, SML is a 100 percent family owned company. We have built up a huge array of manufacturing and design expertise, allowing us to always offer our customers a real edge in the market when it comes to performance.


Our track record speaks for itself and makes us a powerful partner for any company that wants to achieve more with cutting-edge technology.


  1. 1995

    It all started with three letters: SML is founded

  2. 1997

    A revolutionary concept is born: The horizontal sliding winder W2000

  3. 1998

    Business grows into a new product range:  AUSTROFIL changes the world of FDY and BCF multifilament spinning lines

  4. 2001

    First of its kind:  HYGIENE BACKSHEET – SML's first flat film extrusion line for breathable hygienic films is successfully commissioned

  5. 2004

    One of the highest decorations for Austrian companies: SML wins the EXPORT AWARD of the Austrian Economic Chambers

  6. 2008

    Revolutionary production process:  Installation of the first melt-to-sheet line for PET film

  7. 2009

    A development for the history books: SML is the first company in the world able to demonstrate a stretch film line in production at a line speed of 1,000 m/min

  8. 2011

    Shareholder restructuring: FSH Holding becomes main shareholder

  9. 2013

    Flexibility redefined: FlexPack® 1500 – a new generation of extrusion coating and laminating lines is introduced

  10. 2015

    In a class of its own: SML presents the world’s biggest stretch film line – the MasterCast

  11. 2017

    Making the next big step forward: Groundbreaking for SML’s new headquarters and production facilities in Redlham

  12. 2019

    Moving to new horizons: OPENING OF THE NEW SML HEADQUARTERS

    Launching a completely new machine: TIPLEX coating and laminating line for aseptic cardboard packaging

  13. 2020

    Fully equipped Technology Centre: SML starts operation of 6 production-scale demonstration lines for extensive trials and product developments

  14. 2021

    Versatility: SML presents a multi-purpose CPP film line with integrated MDO unit for manifold production processes

  15. 2023

    World debut: processing high-performance stretch film with 30 % PCR resin 

Our success is rooted in the way we do business.
Our customers value us as highly specialised partner - a one-stop shop that delivers high-performance extrusion solutions.
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