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SML TechReport
TechReport 2/2022
  • Energy-efficient extrusion: How can we lower energy costs?
  • New benchmark in stretch film production: PowerCast XL with a brand-new triple turret winder
  • Hy-roller for ultra-thin PET film: polishing roll with adjustable crowning
  • PET sheet extrusion: three extrusion concepts - always the optimum solution
  • Why are CPP film lines becoming wider and wider?
  • Interview: Three years after market-entry - SML Triplex coating lines for liquid packaging board
Agricultural film
TechReport 1/2022
  • SML multilayer cast film line: dry melt-embossed film for agricultural applications
  • Shrink sleeve film: Opportunities in niche markets
  • Stretch film and sustainability: how does it work?
  • Common roots: Multifunctional coating lline for Lenzing Plastics


SML SmartCast Infinity
TechReport 2/2021
  • Separator film for lithium-ion batteries: Ready for the expanding electromobility market?
  • Trim management at stretch film production: What is the best solution?
  • bitWise upgrade: SML boosts data analysis
  • New human-machine interface
  • Designed for recycling: expanding market for mono-material applications
  • Expanding product portfolio: What's next at Austrofil spinning lines?
  • Aseptic packaging: new extrusion laminating lines for Africa and Europe
SML TechReport 1/21
TechReport 1/2021
  • A global story of success: 25 years Austrofil HT spinning machines
  • Ultra-thin stretch film from PIR and PCR: Downgauging as the solution for a circular economy
  • SML's FlexPack - Coating technology for extra-thin coating on paper
  • Electrical desgin & engineering: 100 % in-house


Cast silage film by SML
TechReport 2/2020
  • Silage film for bale wrap: Is cast the new blown?
  • SML's latest generation of MDO - dual-frame system with inline adjustable stretching gap
  • Extra-wide CPP film lines for maximum cost-efficiency
  • Foamed A-PET cups now heat-resistant up to 140 degrees
  • DoubleCoat Process - avoiding pinholes in ultra-thin coatings
  • Paper and plastics - an eco-friendly symbiosis?
  • Play-it-safe - 100 % pre-tested before delivery
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