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Cast silage film by SML
TechReport 2/20 (Englisch)
  • Silage film for bale wrap: Is cast the new blown?
  • SML's latest generation of MDO - dual-frame system with inline adjustable stretching gap
  • Extra-wide CPP film lines for maximum cost-efficiency
  • Foamed A-PET cups now heat-resistant up to 140 degrees
  • DoubleCoat Process - avoiding pinholes in ultra-thin coatings
  • Paper and plastics - an eco-friendly symbiosis?
  • Play-it-safe - 100 % pre-tested before delivery
SML protective clothing
TechReport 1/20 (Englisch)
  • High-tech & function: SML offers production line for hygiene protective materials
  • SmartCast Infinity: Pilot plant on production scale
  • Austrofil BCF: Spinning in two production modes
  • High-end vaccum system for demanding applications
  • Electronics retrofitting - making long-running extrusion lines fit for the future
  • SML delivers high-performance sheet line for FFS packaging
  • Climate change: Plastics as part of the solution
  • SML Sheet Performance Days: Where new ideas meet new products
PowerCast XL
TechReport 2/19 (Englisch)
  • Next level: SML presents new stretch film line, PowerCast XL
  • SML Technology Centry: development line for thermoforming sheet
  • MDO films - enhanced properties for multiple applications
  • New high performance sheet line for FFS packaging
  • Extrusion coating and laminating:  applications beyond flexible packaging
  • SML bitWise: Control through transparency
  • R&D on biodegradable paper/PLA composites
SML Headquarters Redlham
TechReport 1/19 (Englisch)
  • We have moved! SML inaugurates new headquarters
  • SML Technology Centre: The invaluable innovation cluster at SML's new headquarters
  • Machinery of the circular economy: SML presents new PP monolayer sheet line
  • SML branches into aseptic board packaging market
  • Brand-new triple turret winder for 2- and 3-inch stretch film
  • SML expands its spinning range
  • Coming soon: new FlexPack demonstration line to prove performance
TechReport 2/18 (Englisch)
  • Heating under control - New approach to temperature controlling making extrusion lines safer
  • Industry 4.0 - Benefits from a modular bitWise architecture
  • Most advanced PP/EVOH barrier sheet line handed over to VISY Thailand
  • Speed vs. Quality? How a higher production speed is influencing the performance of stretch film
  • Evolution - A small history of SML's monoaxial direction orientation units
  • One year in operation: Indonesian manufacturer PT Panverta on SML's widest-ever CPP film line
  • New SML headquarters: structural work completed


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