SML PowerCast stretch film line

Chill roll upgrade for MiniCast®

At the K 2016, SML presented its PowerCast® concept with a brand new chill roll unit. In view of the impressive results of this innovation and the positive feedback from customers, the company then decided to also introduce a 1,600mm diameter single chill roll for its MiniCast® lines.

A conventional chill roll unit consists of a primary chill roll with a cleaning roller and a secondary chill roll fitted with a nip roller. By contrast, the new design has one main chill roll with a diameter of 1,600mm, which is the biggest in the industry. The cleaning roller is retained as a standard feature.

SML has successfully completed very extensive trials of the new chill roll unit with the world's leading raw material suppliers. These tests have demonstrated that the unit's design offers the major advantages of increased cooling capacity, superior production stability at high speeds and reduced maintenance costs.

Lenzing, 05.04.2018