SML's Austrofil(r) PP Tricolor Spinning Line

Austrofil® BCF: spinning in two production modes

SML is launching a flexible production line in the form of the new Austrofil® BCF PP Tricolour 6x2 spinning line. The spinning line combines the advantages of the existing and proven ‘Twin’ and ‘Tricolour’ line models. The line supports two different processing modes: mode 1, for one large tricolour or monocolour batch with 12 ends and an output of 480 kg/h; and mode 2, for the simultaneous production of three different monocolour batches with 4 ends and an output of 160 kg/h each.


While production in mode 1 is specifically geared for high output of identical yarns, the three monocolor batches in mode 2 can be produced completely independently of each other, with different titers, filament counts and colours. Gravimetric loss in weight dosing systems are applied by standard to ensure best colour evenness and reproducibility of all products. Like all BCF spinning systems developed by SML, the new Austrofil® BCF PP Tricolour 6x2 line covers a wide titer range from 1,000 to 5,000 dtex.


New spinpack design with 700 filaments per yarn

The Austrofil® BCF PP Tricolour 6x2 line is characterised by several innovations. The newly developed spinpack design enables the production of 700 filaments on each yarn end; higher titerranges can also be processed at lower dpf levels. SML’s patented and proven texturing technology guarantees highest product qualities and crimp levels.


Digital convenience

Even though the line can handle huge production capacities, the machine height and footprint have been kept small to save precious space on the shop floor. The line control’s new visualisation system offers more intuitive handling. Teamed with SML’s bitWise data logging and analysis solution, this means that quality control and research can be handled with greater accuracy and maintenance can be planned in an even more reliable way.


Redlham, 02.04.2020