SML stretch film

Countdown for SML's 5-layer MiniCast® stretch film line

SML is to present its updated MiniCast® stretch film line in March 2016 and for a limited period a 1.5m-wide, 3-up demonstration line will be available for customer trials. All the machine components of the MiniCast® stretch film line have been designed for both easy and flexible operation and maximum performance. MiniCast® stretch film lines are pre-manufactured in lots and are therefore available within short delivery periods and at very competitive prices.


Customers are invited to see for themselves special features such as:

  • 5-layer stretch film production with a functional core layer,
  • especially for PP, mLLDPE and elastomers
  • Reduced web tension and consequently lower residual film shrinkage
  • The latest winder software that allows roll changes to be initiated either by roll weight, roll diameter or metres of film per roll
  • ThinCore technology
  • Optional modified edges
  • Optional coreless operation
  • An air-conditioned e-container

On a minimum floor area of just 95 square metres, the MiniCast® stretch film line is equipped with four extruders each fitted with a 3-component dosing unit, which facilitates combined maximum extrusion throughput of 1,050 kg/h. Furthermore, the machine incorporates a casting station with a chill roll diameter of 1,200mm and an optical thickness measuring system. In the standard version trim flake re-feeding via a scraptruder can be replaced by an optional re-pelletizing system.


With a single turret version of the well-known winder W4000-4S, the MiniCast® stretch film line guarantees the top quality production of hand rolls on 2-inch cores, as well as machine and jumbo rolls on 3-inch cores. It represents the ideal concept for both start-ups in the stretch film business and established companies needing an additional line for the production of smaller lots and niche items. The MiniCast® stretch film line is engineered to perform!


Lenzing, 01.03.2016