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  • Austrofil® FDY, MDY, POY

Line Types

Compact for small batch sizes.

HT 2x2/4E/75


The compact spinning line is particularly well-suited to small batch sizes, packing a persuasive punch with its high degree of flexibility and efficiency. The line’s maximum output rate is 110 kg/h on its winder and the system is equipped with two stretching units. In addition, it offers outstanding filament cooling thanks to the use of two spinnerets for each yarn.


Performance level
HT 2x2/4 E/75, 4/8 ends
Polymer PP, MFR 10 - 35
Titer range 165 - 4,400dtex
Output capacity 110 kg/h, 2.64 t/d
Extruder capacity 160 kg/h
SML HT 2x2 intermingling section

Convincing benefits:


  • Maximum efficiency and flexibility
  • Possible to expand to HT 4x2/4
  • Wide titre range
  • Yarn produced with high tensile strength

Optimised for high-tenacity yarns.

HT 4x2/4/75


This line has been specially developed for the production of technical and textile yarns with high tensile strength. It has become a top seller with more than 200 machines sold worldwide. Its high speeds, broad titre range and excellent production stability have made a convincing impression.


Performance level
HT 4x2/4/75, 8/16 ends
Polymer Polypropylene, MFR 10 - 35
Titer range 165 - 4,400dtex
Output capacity 160 kg/h, 3.84 t/d
SML Austrofil® multifilament spinning lines - winder

The benefits at a glance:


  • Optimised for medium to high-tenacity yarns
  • High-tenacity yarn production - even in the high titre range
  • Excellent production stability

The key to top yarn quality.

MT/POY 2x8

This line is engineered to satisfy the highest expectations in yarn production. The yarns it rolls out are ideally suited for upholstery, mattresses and sportswear. They also see use in the automobile industry. The machine can produce up to 16 yarns in the low titre range and 8 in the high titre range without a hitch.


Performance level
MT/POY 2 x 8, 16 ends
Polymer Polypropylene MFR 10 - 35
Titer range 110 - 1,100dtex
Output capacity 110 kg/h, 2.64 t/d

Convincing benefits:


  • Top yarn quality
  • Second to none in colour fastness and uniformity
  • Wide titre range
  • Fast colour and titre changes

Peak flexibility.

MT/POY line by line 1x8


If flexibility is a priority, this line is the perfect solution. It has been specially developed to produce small production batches at the highest possible speed without compromising on yarn quality. The spinning unit offers the ability to produce a variety of different yarns on a single line. Particular attention was also devoted to high-speed production changes, with this system making them easier than ever before.


Performance level
MT/POY 'LINE BY LINE' 1x8, 8 ends
Polymer Polypropylene, MFR 25 - 35
Titer range 78 - 167dtex
Output capacity /
per module
20 kg/h, 0.48 t/d

Unmissable benefits:


  • Compact modular design demanding little floor space
  • Second to none in colour fastness
  • Allows for quick production changes
  • Flexibility in capacity to produce a variety of yarns on a single machine



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