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TechReport 2/2023 (Englisch)
  • Universally applicable: Latest Version of SML's Multi-Purpose Cast Film Line with new MDO unit
  • Building up the market: Strong demand for Lithium-ion batteries drives request for separator film
  • Retrofitting data analysis: Traceability for optimised processes
  • Crystal clear big-size cups: What to be aware of when calendering extra-thick APET sheet
  • Sustainability in Plastics Processing: The benefit of energy-efficient motors and drives
  • EcoCompact: 2-Meter Stretch Film Line comes revalued
TechReport 1/2023 (Englisch)
  • Higher output at lower titres: Austrofil 'Vertex' spinning line for PP and PET yarns
  • Teaming up for innovations: Highly advanced FlexPack extrusion coating line in SML's Technology Centre
  • Separator film for lithium-ion batteries: Quality claims and productions methods
  • Thin PP and PET film for thermoforming: Casting might be the better option!
  • PCR in stretch wrap film: Making stretch film more sustainable
  • New cast film line in SML's Technology Centre
TechReport 2/2022 (Englisch)
  • Energy-efficient extrusion: How can we lower energy costs?
  • New benchmark in stretch film production: PowerCast XL with a brand-new triple turret winder
  • Hy-roller for ultra-thin PET film: polishing roll with adjustable crowning
  • PET sheet extrusion: three extrusion concepts - always the optimum solution
  • Why are CPP film lines becoming wider and wider?
  • Interview: Three years after market-entry - SML Triplex coating lines for liquid packaging board
TechReport 1/2022 (Englisch)
  • SML multilayer cast film line: dry melt-embossed film for agricultural applications
  • Shrink sleeve film: Opportunities in niche markets
  • Stretch film and sustainability: how does it work?
  • Common roots: Multifunctional coating lline for Lenzing Plastics


TechReport 2/21 (Englisch)
  • Separator film for lithium-ion batteries: Ready for the expanding electromobility market?
  • Trim management at stretch film production: What is the best solution?
  • bitWise upgrade: SML boosts data analysis
  • New human-machine interface
  • Designed for recycling: expanding market for mono-material applications
  • Expanding product portfolio: What's next at Austrofil spinning lines?
  • Aseptic packaging: new extrusion laminating lines for Africa and Europe
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