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A company that has a constant focus on the productivity of its customers thinks ahead. And creates extrusion solutions that leave the rest standing.
SML stretch film line MasterCast
Easy to operate:
SML MasterCast®
SML MasterCast® offers high output and maximum flexibility for the production of machine and jumbo rolls on a top performance level.
SML The benchmark for perfekt packaging
The benchmark
for perfect packaging
Targeted research and the constant development of new applications are making SML a global technology leader.
SML FlexPack® coating and laminating line
Highest flexibility
in production
FlexPack® is a new SML concept which raises the bar for flexibility and simplicity in coating and lamination.
What makes us successful as a privately owned company?
Competences that enable our partners to open up a decisive lead.

Die SML mit Stammsitz im Oberösterreichischen Salzkammergut ist ein High-Tech Maschinenbauunternehmen, das sich in Privatbesitz befindet. Mit ihren Extrusionsanlagen ist die SML weltweit tätig und anerkannter Partner ihrer Kunden. Sie hat sich am Weltmarkt den Ruf eines Unternehmens aufgebaut, das zuverlässige, qualitativ-hochwertige und besonders leistungsstarke Extrusionsanlagen entwickelt, konzipiert, herstellt und vertreibt.

High-performance solutions for processing plastics.


SML is manufacturing high-end extrusion lines for film, sheet, coating and laminating as well as for multifilament.


Partnering with SML provides you a reliable project implementation and a proven track record of adhering to the agreed times, costs, and performance values.


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Taking your production to new levels.


Customers’ requirements are the central incitement for all our activities. SML is not delivering any pre-conceived answers. Instead, we are always examining our customers’ needs individually.


Based on this, we develop both pre-fabricated and custom-made extrusion solutions with the clear target to take your production to new levels. In terms of quality, productivity and over-all performance.


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