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SML winding technology

Precise, efficient, exhaustively customised.

Our wide selection of winders is proof that we are more than simply extrusion specialists.

SML offers a variety of winder systems to suit different customer preferences and applications. Each of our winder solutions is customised for the entirety of the process at hand, giving you the edge you expect from us - excellent winder quality at an attractive price point.


Further improvements included.

Our engineers always perfectly tailor the winders to the process at hand, further developing the technology in incremental steps. After all, our customers want fast and efficient end-to-end solutions that work perfectly at all locations and at all times.

At SML, we do everything we can to make that happen. We use one of the most precise winding technologies around to ensure optimum roll quality in your production. And for good reason: That allows our customers to unlock the full potential of our production lines, while relying on a single point of contact for the entire investment project.

Another way to boost efficiency!

Line Types

SML winders for stretch wrap film

Film that winds up perfect!


It is the constant edge in winding technology, that helps making SML the global technology leader for stretch film lines. We consider our peak performance winders as decisive in terms of overall line performance. SML offers three types of winders for stretch film lines - all of them with a solid, vibration-free steel-frame construction and perfectly designed to resist the dynamic forces generated at high production speeds.


Technical data
Thickness range8 - 35μm8 - 50μm8 - 50μm
Max. mechanical speed650 m/min850 m/min850 m/min
Winding width4 - 6 x 500mm3 - 12 x 500mm3 - 9 x 500mm
Part roll width400, 450, 500mmvariablevariable
Winding on
2-inch cores
Winding on
3-inch cores
Coreless windingnoyesyes
Max. mechanical
diameter 2-inch
Max. mechanical
diameter 3-inch
No. of winding stations
per turret
No. of winding turretssinglesingle / double / triplesingle / double / triple
No. of winding shaftsshaftless2 / 4 / 64 / 8 / 12
Minimum cycle time20s60s15s
Film tailvery shortstandardultra short
Core and roll handling manualnooptionalno
Core and roll handling automaticyesyesyes

SML winders for CPP/CPE/CAST-PET/barrier film

The secret to achieve precision.


SML is focusing on tiniest details to make great things happen. Both our extra large mother roll winders with up to 6.2m width as well as our inline slitting winders are the result of intensive R&D work - and our constant strive for precision in any detail. SML’s winders offer worldwide unmet roll quality from small to very large diameters, accurate tension control and gap or contact winding for defined roll hardness.




Technical data
Film thickness
15 - 100µm15 - 300µm15 - 100µm15 - 300µm15 - 100µm15 - 100µm
Max. mech.
400 m/min400 m/min400 m/min400 m/min500 m/min300 m/min
Max. winding
Winding shaft/
pipe diameter
3-inch* / 6-inch3-inch* / 6-inch6-inch / 8-inch3-inch* / 6-inch3-inch* / 6-inch /
8-inch / 10-inch
10-inch / 12-inch
Max. mech.
W2000 XL:
top outsidetop outsidetop outsidetop insidebothtop outside
                    *Depending on end film width and product


Roll handlingsemi-automaticsemi-automaticsemi-automaticautomaticautomaticmanual
Oscillationframeframewinder or framewinder or framewinder or frameframe

SML winders for hygiene backsheet

High-performance winders for higher productivity.


Boosting productivity while extending the world’s highest quality standards are one of SML’s key activities in the field of hygiene film. We are offering a wide range of peak performance winders for hygiene film lines - from mother rolls for printing to inline slitting winders for finished products. Based on intensive R&D works, all of our winders for hygiene films lines are constantly upgraded with new features.



Technical data
Film weight range12 - 100 g/sqm12 - 100 g/sqm10 - 100 g/sqm10 - 100 g/sqm
Max. mechanical speed400 m/min400 m/min500 m/min500 m/min
Max. winding width2,800mm5,200mm2,800mm6,200mm
Winding on
3-inch cores
Winding on
6-inch cores
Max. mechanical
Winding directiontop outsidetop outsidetop insidetop inside
Roll handlingsemi-automaticsemi-automaticautomaticautomatic
Oscillationframeframe or winderframe or winderframe or winder

SML winders for PET/R-PET sheet

The right winder for the perfect product every time.


From semi-automatic turret winders, A-frame trolley winders or cantilever winders to fully automatic high-tech winders without the need of a film accumulator: We at SML have collected decades of inhouse-specialist knowledge in the field of PET / R-PET sheet winding technology. This allows us to offer outstanding winding quality, setting the global benchmarks in precision.



Technical data
Net film width
up to
Number of websup to 3up to 3up to 3up to 3up to 3
Core ID (inch)3, 6, 83, 6, 83, 6, 83, 6, 83, 6
Thickness range150 - 1,600µm150 - 1,200µm150 - 1,600µm150 - 1,200µm150 - 1,000µm
Max. mech. speed70 m/min70 m/min70 m/min70 m/min100 m/min
Max. roll diameter
up to*

 *Depending on end film width and product            

SML winders for PP/PS/barrier thermoforming sheet

High-tech for excellent production reliability.


SML offers a wide choice of winders for PP/PS thermoforming sheet lines - including semi-automatic turret winders, cantilever winders and A-frame trolley winders. The most important things they have in common: highest technical standards, precision and excellent production liability - based on SML’s decade-long specialist knowledge in the field of winding technology, our constant R&D activities and the strive of our engineers to offer equipment at the highest quality level.



Technical data
Net film width up to1,900mm1,550mm1,550mm
Number of websup to 3up to 3up to 3
Core ID (inch)3, 6, 83, 6, 83, 6, 8
Thickness range150 - 1,600µm150 - 1,200µm150 - 1,600µm
Max. mechanical speed70 m/min70 m/min70 m/min
Max. roll diameter up to*2,000mm1,000mm1,200mm

*Depending on shaft diameter, roll width and number of webs

SML winders for coating and laminating lines

Peak performance winders for many different applications.


SML’s continuous investments in the development of winding technology for coating lines is paying off - in terms of performance at high productions speeds, in terms of liability and in terms of global technology leadership. Today, SML offers a large variety of peak performance winders for all relevant extrusion coating applications: from winders for light-weight laminates to heavy textiles and cardboards, shaftless winders for convenient roll handling and product specific cross-cutting units.



Technical data
350 m/min450 m/min350 m/min600 m/min150 m/min500 m/min
Max. winding
Inline slittingNoNoYesYesNooptional
1,200mm1,270mm1,300mm980 or
Max. roll
bothbothbothtop insidetop insidetop inside
50 - 750N50 - 750N50 - 3,500N30 - 300N50 - 1,200N200 - 2,500N
Contact roll
100 - 1,800N100 - 1,800N50 - 3,500N50 - 500N100 - 3,000N300 - 5,000N
Roll handlingmanualmanualsemi-automaticautomaticsemi-automaticautomatic

SML unwinders for coating and laminating lines

Unwinders for every type of substrate.


SML demonstrates its technical excellence and innovative strength one more time in the large field of unwinding systems for coating lines. We at SML are offering unwinders for every type of substrate and for a variety of applications - from simple double station systems with a manual splicing unit to fully automated turret unwinds for splicing at full production speed. Among our innovative features: options like bi-directional unwinding, ultra-thin alu-unwinding and different edge guiding and roll positioning systems.



Technical data
UNWIND TYPEdouble unwindunwind UW1500-WSunwind UW1500-SLunwind UW1500 SL-H
150 m/min350 m/min450 m/min600 m/min
Max. substrate width5,200mm1,800mm1,800mm3,500mm
Core clampingshafted / shaftlessshaftedshaftlessshaftless
Max. roll weight4,500kg1,500kg2,000kg3,500kg
Unwinding directionbothbothbothboth
Roll handlingcranecrane / forkliftcrane / forkliftlifting table
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