SML Austrofil Spinning Vertex
  • 长丝纺丝生产线
  • Austrofil® Vertex长丝纺丝生产线

Austrofil® Vertex长丝纺丝生产线




Austrofil Vertex spinning line
High troughput
by low titre
Configuration expamples
MaterialsPET, PP, PAPET, PP, PA
Max. Output270 kg/h540 kg/h
The actual max. output depends on the
raw materials used and the titre
The actual max. output depends on the
raw materials used and the titre
Number of ends1632
Extruder45 / 75 / 9045 / 75 / 90
Number of winders24
Number of yarns1632
Winder typeAutomatic turret winderAutomatic turret winder
Winding speed2,000 - 4,500 m/min2,000 - 4,500 m/min
Austrofil Vertex spinning line

The new vertical design is at the latest state of the art. The Vertex spinning line is able to produce a wide titre range from 75 to 1200 den with high throughputs. A high output capacity even with the finest titre is guaranteed. Higher line speeds are achieved by a sophisticated thread guiding. Compared to the HT/MT series, the Vertex shows an increased output of 50 % at 250 den.

SML Multifilament Spinning Line Vertex

Unmissable benefits:

  • High efficiency and output for low titres
  • High flexibility in the use of different polymers (PET, PP, PA)
  • Easy start up process with ramp up function
  • Industry 4.0 standard