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Sustainability in focus
Our contribution to make the world a greener place.

Plastics are one of the most successful materials in mankind. They are robust, light, nearly indestructible and easy to manufacture in high volumes. Because of their outstanding properties, they have become a genuine part of modern life and of our civilization.

Plastics are a substantial ingredient of most products we are using daily, from clothing to smartphones, from furniture to cars, and from sports gear to packed foodstuff. Today, plastics can be found in any corner of the planet.

We from SML consider it our task, to handle our given resources carefully. As a leading manufacturer of machines for the plastics industry, we are offering ready-to-go solutions that effectively help to minimize plastic waste and to lower the carbon footprint in the production of plastics for all kind of applications.

What plastics do to our climate
Climate change is an urgent and highly emotional topic; and more often than not the discussions about climate damaging emissions and plastic waste are irrationally mixed.

Most plastics still are made of fossil resources, but unless plastics are burned, their carbon footprint is similar or lower than those of other industrially manufactured materials like glass, paper, cardboard, aluminium or steel.

SML is a premium manufacturer of machines for the plastics industry and has been a technology leader in the development of resource-efficient and energy-saving systems for decades. It is SML’s declared objective to provide machinery that reduces the carbon footprint in the production of plastics to a minimum while laying the foundations to manufacture premium plastics that are easy and cost-effective to recycle.
Limiting waste on a global level
A few highly industrialized states already have implemented effective waste management systems that bring down the pollution of rivers and seas close to cero. Conventional plastic waste can be especially a problem in fast growing economies that haven’t established sufficient waste treatment facilities so far.

As for most people a life without products made of plastics is unthinkable, new solutions have to be found for the treatment of plastic waste at a global level. Beside the reduction and optimization of packaging materials, the creation of working circular economies is a key factor; not only for meeting the challenge of plastic waste but also to safe valuable raw materials.

As a leading manufacturer of machinery for the plastics industry, SML is actively developing solutions in the fields of sustainable packaging materials, waste reduction and recycling.

Health & social responsibility
Vital basics for our healthcare systems
Well-equipped and functional health facilities are essential for social well-being. As our whole society, our healthcare systems strongly depend on products containing plastics. It is such simple things like protective clothing, surgical coverings or infusion bags that are fundamentally important for any hospital operation.

We from SML are aware, that the supply reliability of healthcare products is a major concern of society, as well as of politics.

Especially when it comes to medical products - product quality and environmental compatibility are often conflicting. Together with our partners we are designing machines for hygiene applications that both fulfil the highest medical standards and can be recycled easily.