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Austrofil® Vertex multifilament spinning line

SML’s VERTEX continuous filament (CF) line is specially designed to produce partially oriented (POY) or fully drawn (FDY) yarns at low titres. The modular, vertical machine character stands for unlimited extendability and can cover all sizes of yarn demands. 

One step follows the next one

The VERTEX line is easily expandable, you can start with 16 ends and 2 automatic winders. If you want to increase the daily production, we expand the machine up to 48 ends without interfering your production and double the capacity. 

Austrofil Vertex spinning line
High troughput
by low titre
Configuration expamples
MaterialsPET, PP, PAPET, PP, PA
Max. Output270 kg/h540 kg/h
The actual max. output depends on the
raw materials used and the titre
The actual max. output depends on the
raw materials used and the titre
Number of ends1632
Extruder45 / 75 / 9045 / 75 / 90
Number of winders24
Number of yarns1632
Winder typeAutomatic turret winderAutomatic turret winder
Winding speed2,000 - 4,500 m/min2,000 - 4,500 m/min
Austrofil Vertex spinning line

The new vertical design is at the latest state of the art. The Vertex spinning line is able to produce a wide titre range from 75 to 1200 den with high throughputs. A high output capacity even with the finest titre is guaranteed. Higher line speeds are achieved by a sophisticated thread guiding. Compared to the HT/MT series, the Vertex shows an increased output of 50 % at 250 den.

SML Multifilament Spinning Line Vertex

Unmissable benefits:

  • High efficiency and output for low titres
  • High flexibility in the use of different polymers (PET, PP, PA)
  • Easy start up process with ramp up function
  • Industry 4.0 standard
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