Common roots: Lenzing Plastics and SML

Common roots: Multifunctional coating line for Lenzing Plastics

Lenzing Plastics and SML are not just linked by their geographical proximity in Upper Austria. We have a “genetic relationship” through our common past and common roots. Both companies were once business units of Lenzing AG. Whereas SML separated from Lenzing AG in 1995, Lenzing Plastics was spun off as a separate company in the year 2000.


Two years ago, Lenzing Plastics decided to invest in a modern multi-functional coating line for technical applications, e.g. for the construction or the automotive industry. Following a tough bidding process, SML was awarded the contract.


As it is in real life, the demands coming from inside a ‘family’ always tend to be a bit special. Accordingly, we were determined to make a lasting impression as a supplier to our erstwhile peers. The result is a machine which is exceptional in many ways.


The new line, which is being commissioned, is 100 percent tailor-made to Lenzing Plastics’ specific requirements. Despite its product width of up to 3.2m, it establishes new benchmarks in terms of flexibility, operating comfort and digital and functional innovations.


Coating Line


Fast product changes
Due to the huge variety of different products Lenzing Plastics manufactures, the latter had high demands concerning the flexibility of different product widths, as well as the type of substrates and applied polymers. Equally demanding were the requirements for very quick setup times between one production run and the next.


To provide an example: The two extruder screws (135mm and 90mm in diameter) can be changed in the shortest time, thanks to a new quick-change-system which SML has developed especially for Lenzing Plastics. Generally, the line can be switched from the production of common polyolefins to special TPU applications in less than three hours.


Inline slitting for multiple webs
Thanks to an inline slitting unit featuring multiple knives, Lenzing Plastics can run several part bobbin rolls in finished widths on one winding shaft. This saves time and money since an additional production step via a slitter rewinder can be avoided.


SML’s new SMILE operating interface in combination with the data generation and analysis tool BitWise ensures the comfortable operation of this new coating line. The maximum reproducibility of specific formulations is a solid basis for effective quality control and constant production qualities.


As a result of the close cooperation between the technicians from Lenzing Plastics and SML, both companies were able to benefit and to strengthen their leading position. As a result of the success of this project, there is a mutual commitment to forge ahead with further cooperation in the future.


Redlham, 09.05.2022

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