SML offers a very broad range of spinning lines to cover the needs of a dynamic and fast changing market. Over the years the name Austrofil has become synonymous for top-quality polypropylene multifilament spinning lines for the production of fully drawn (FDY), medium drawn (MDY), pre-oriented (POY) yarn and bulk-continuous filament (BCF).


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austrofil multifilament spinning lines

austrofil BCF tricolor

polypropylene multifilament spinning technology for multi coloured carpet yarns


features / advantages: 

  • output up to 320 kg/h
  • two positions of pre-intermingling allow wide spectrum of colour separation
    (from heavily mixed up to clear separation)
  • flexible production, two different yarn types can be produced at the same time
  • patented SML texturizing unit for best crimp contraction and low shrinkage
  • patented inline texturing device, no need of steel lamellas
  • cooling time of texturized, compact plug about 15 seconds
  • electronics protected by air-conditioned e-container



  • multicoloured carpets
  • multicoloured upholstery


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