The exceptional order situation has necessitated the enlargement of the production hall (1,271m²). The hall is now equipped with two additional overhead cranes (20t)



2010 - EcoCompact - the new benchmark in stretch film extrusion

A new standardized machine with a price-performance ration that is second to none has been developed and well established into the market.

2009 - Development of a high speed extrusion line for stretch film

SML is the first company in the world being able to demonstrate a stretch film line in production at a line speed of 1000 m/min.


2008 - Installation of the first melt-to-sheet line for PET film

Melt from the reactor is directly processed to films.

2007 - New sleeve-touch pilot plant is put into operation

2004 - Company wins Austrian Export Award

2003 - Opening of new conference centre

2002 - Introduction of the sleeve-touch process

Durch diese lizentierte Technologie können verbesserte Folieneigenschaften erzielt werden.

2001 - Flat film extrusion line for breathable hygienic films

A flat film extrusion line for breathable hygienic films is developed and successfully commissioned.

1998 - Austrian award for innovation

Company wins Austrian Award for InnovationCompany wins with the winder series 2000 the Austrian Award for Innovation.

1998 - Two new productions halls are constructed

As a result of constant expansion, the site continues to be extended.

1998 - Austrofil Mulitifilament Spinning Lines - a new delivery programme

Austrofil multifilament spinning lines are added to the delivery programme and the variety of these is developed further.

1997 - Lenzing AG sells its remaining shares in SML to Starlinger & Co GmbH

The company name is changed to SML Maschinengesellschaft m.b.H..

1996 - The sack machine product line is discontinued respectively passed on to Starlinger & Co GmbH

From this point in time, SML is concentrating on the product divisions of flat films and coatings.

1995 - Starlinger & Co GmbH takes the majority shareholding in the plastics engineering division of Lenzing AG

The independent company SML Lenzing Maschinen GmbH is established.

1991 - Delivery of the first co-extrusion sheet line

In this way Lenzing AG is able to break into the market of multilayer films.

1988 - Construction of new factory buildings

Due to the diversification of the product range, it is necessary to establish suitable production halls and offices.

1987 - Delivery of the first PET calendering line

Lenzing broadens its product range and becomes the first European machine manufacturer to develop an extrusion line for the production of PET film and sheet.

1981 - Development of the circular loom

The development of the circular loom provides the basis for Lenzing AG to become a full line provider of turn-key sack factories. With this line it is possible to produce tubular fabric for sacks and bags.

1970 - LENZING AG founds the plastics machinery division

Machines are offered and sold by this division on the open market outside of Lenzing AG.

1969 - First coating line for the company’s own requirements is being built

To waterproof the woven fabric, a new extrusion coating line is developed.

1968 - First film tape line for the company’s own requirements is being built

Lenzing AG continues to develop the process and simplifies the production of the necessary tapes for the production of woven fabric by inventing its own film tape line.


1967 - LENZING AG installs the first film stretching line for their own requirements

To substitute jute fabrics in packaging of synthetic fibres, a stretching unit for plastic films is developed. The films are slit into narrow tapes and are woven to fabric on flat looms.



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